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Does Advertising Work?


Clients have come to us after running an advertising campaign and tell how it didn’t work. They even question advertising itself and its effectiveness. Here is my response to all the doubters.

Media’s purpose is to get your message in front of as many people as it can. If your advertising message is being seen in whatever media you choose but you are not getting response, it is NOT the advertising media’s fault!

Let’s take a look at, for example, advertising on a billboard, but the same holds true of any of the media you may use. You create your ad and place it on the billboard and get no response or not enough to mention. If your ad has been viewed by the number of targeted people you wanted it to be then the advertising media has done its job. It is your ad that needs the help.

This is why a good ad agency is worth gold!

A good ad agency learns and then places your ad in front of the proper group of people for your business product or service.  From research and experience they know how to align your advertisement creative to properly match your targeted audience in order to get you the most response for your advertising dollars.

  • Demographics
  • The Creative
  • Implementation

Properly executing an ad campaign takes years of study, research and experience to do well, this is not something you can simply look up online and learn with a couple of clicks. So again, a good ad agency it worth it’s weight in gold!

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